Smile Payments Prosses

We provides a complete process that will ensure that your global Customers will have a widest range of payment alternatives, leading to increasing sales

1. Shop in a e-store

Smile Payments ProssesNowadays, Business models across the world continue to change drastically and e-Commerce is demonstrating that is a powerful tool to increase value for both Customers and Store Owners. In this regard, we encourage every type of business to jump into the eCommerce arena. Rewards will be surely down the road and we can help you through that journey.

2. Chose payment method

Smile Payments ProssesCustomers buying Products and Services online should be presented with the widest possible payment alternatives. We have the knowledge to help you offer such wider menu of payment alternatives and even going the extra mile and secure the preferred method of payment in the country of your main Customers.

3. Payment is Successful

Smile Payments ProssesOur Control Panel will show on a LIVE basis the payment activity and how payments are performing. This activity should be monitored closely to achieve a high ratio of successful payments and avoid fraud.

4. Shipment / Delivery

Smile Payments ProssesGlobal Businesses require global sourcing and global delivery. This area of the e-Commerce is paramount to maintain a high level of Customer satisfaction.

5. e-Store collects funds

Smile Payments ProssesThe process concludes with you collecting the funds abroad. In this regard we can help you establish a global presence with your own company and your own bank account in a word class jurisdiction like United Kingdom, Panama, Hong Kong, etc. depending on your specific product and business model.

Why Smile Payments?